Francisco was very patient and knowledgeable during the training class, made it easy and fun to learn!
Jonathan Geier
I don't typically give reviews but In this case I definitely will. Great guy, amazing class. They make things very easy and are very knowledgeable. You really couldn't ask for more. Extremely professional, superb customer service. I'd give six stars if I could. Don't go anywhere else!
Mallorie Kaufman
Francisco was very helpful and calm when giving the class for the safety and gun rules. I was nervous before learning, but he made it a great first time learning experience.
Pat Cunningham
rancisco is a very professional, knowledgeable firearms instructor. It was a pleasure to participate in his class. I have learned a lot more about my sight picture and trigger control thanks to Francisco. If you are thinking of taking part in firearms training Francisco is the instructor that must be top of your list. Highly recommended.
Pani Olivier
Very professional instructor and detailed in training. Eye opening experience. I went for my conceal carry class. I left with more confidence and knowledge of guns, handling, safety, laws, mindset and more. Price was also competitive. Will definitely be following up for private training.
Nicholas Rossi
I cannot recommend Apex Pistol Training enough! I signed up for the concealed carry class as a complete newbie with no previous firearm experience, but I knew from talking to Francisco that I had made the right decision with APT. He is an excellent instructor — very professional and patient — he put me at ease from the beginning. The class is very thorough with reviewing legal aspects of firearm ownership and handling. Also the range training was phenomenal with a ton of self-protection and self-defense drills. This class is absolutely worth the investment.
Hildebrando Escudero
Francisco was an amazing instructor, he went over every gun safety detail and was extremely knowledgeable. Thanks!